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Endurance. Strength. Performance. Being an actor, doctor, student, professional or amateur athlete, these are the obvious keywords we are all aware of on the journey to our higher self. As it turns out, the devil always lies in details. Goal diggers  usually go way out of their way to be their very best, the fastest, the strongest. They are no longer satisfied with just results. They want to maximize those efforts while going 4 their goals

At the beginning of 2018, I was given the opportunity to try the new generation of sports socks, Go4Goal. The project immediately caught my attention,  because a) behind the whole idea and the concept is a young enthusiast, who lives in my region and b) therefore, the product is developed in Slovenia, which makes me really proud- seeing that my little country is full of amazing, open-minded  people who are not afraid of going 4 their goals. I will support them all the way!

One might wonder: what makes Go4Goal socks better than my regular socks?

You are absolutely right to doubt. I was, too.

Go4Goal sports socks, first of all, ensure quality and protection due to their special design: temperature regulation, preventing slips, good air flow, quick drying and foot protection. They also prevent from blisters and offer ultra grip. You can check out the following link for more details and videos about the socks (you can also support the project via that link): click here.

I was testing the ANKLE and the KNEE HIGH variations, both of which are specializing in various features. The socks are specially designed for the left&right foot:



When I first received the socks, I was afraid of them being "bulky". As I later realized, the fear was redundant, because months ago I described them as "second skin" and to this day my opinion did not change. They look bulky in the packaging, they indeed look big (compared to my regular midget size footies) but at the same time they are really soft and once you put them on, it is like wearing nothing, but better. The socks are anatomically designed and they literally hug my feet. My feet are not slippery in the sneakers and what is mostly the case with my regular footies, these NEVER slide off.

My favorite is the KNEE HIGH version; well, first of all, yes, because the way it looks but second, because of the amazing compression it gives. I first wore them while hitting the treadmill and the experience was amazing. So comfortable! I also like to wear them while deadlifting to protect my shins.

The ANKLE version might not be as stylish, but it is definitely practical. I can wear them on a daily basis (in fact, I am wearing them right now). My only wish now is that they make more colors! I think that would be amazing.

In the world of comfortable, stabilizing, breathable sock world, I give these 10/10, without exaggeration.  These are the first socks I own, where I actually can feel the difference between those and my regular socks.

As mentioned above, you can support the project HERE:


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