Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Who I Am at 26

This is me at 26. I want to jot down a few things that make me who I am today or things I realized along my journey. I think it is an amazing memento from me, for me, to me.  I hope some things will change and I hope some things never change. I will learn along the way. I hope you also take something from it, hell, I will be the happiest if you share your personal few in the comments below. Let's begin.

1. Time really does heal all wounds. All you need is patience.
2. I am the least patient person e v e r.
3. Red is still my favorite color.
4. I am glad I started taking care of my skin at a young age and N E V E R missed a day since.
5. I developed a tougher skin (or genuine confidence).
6. I am not afraid to open up anymore.
7. 80's music always makes me feel too much (or/and cry). Sometimes I feel like I was born earlier.
8. I am dead scared of airplanes. I had flown 5 times and the next time will be a real struggle...
9. Injustice makes me furious. Vocal. And scratchy.
10. I was never driven by money and it still does not mean anything to me nor impresses me.
11. Stop looking for happiness in others. Or validation.
12. The only thing I would never do again is lip fillers. I am very happy my lips are back to natural.
13. Procrastination is my number 1 enemy. It messes with my head and brings (very) short term joy.
14. It genuinely makes me happy when my knowledge or experience make other people happy.
15. The more you restrict yourself from something, the more you will want it.
16. I never ever used to like chocolate. Until I decided I can't eat it.
17. I still dream very vividly.
18. ALWAYS trust your gut. It knows best.
19. Stop forcing things. Things that are meant for you, happen naturally.
20. Moving furniture around weekly is still my favorite form of meditation.
21. I was never the jealous type nor am I today.
22. I finally started forgiving. I think it is the only way to live in peace.
23. But I also finally started not forgetting. People treat you as you allow them to treat you.
24. My favorite form of expression is still writing, photography and clothes.
25. To this day I don't compare myself to anyone. No one does and sees things like you do.
26. You can forget an e-mail. But never forget to call your grandma. Family first.

Photography: Martina T.

Body&Trousers: H&M

Sandals: Primark

Bracelet: Zlatarna Celje




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