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Plan With Me: Top 3 Ways To Stay Motivated

If I got a penny every time I got asked THE question (How To Stay Motivated) I'd be a very, very rich woman now. I discussed motivation in one of my previous posts (click here) and my thought flow around it is staying the same. Nevertheless, nothing happens without action, and action is determined by careful planning. If you combine the two and stick to it not just when it feels convenient, but especially, when things get tough, the odds of not succeeding are very low.  I want to share with you my 3 tips around how to stay in tune with your (life) goals.

Tip nr.1: Set your goals...

...short AND long term. Despite popular belief, these goals have to be concrete. For example, if person X determines that he will start dieting on Monday with no end goal and person Y determines, that he will lose 2kg by the end of September which one do you think will be more successful? Most likely person Y because there is a concrete goal he is working towards. Don't dream about having your own company rather set yourself a challenge: I will start my own company by April 2019. This is your long-term goal. Now set up strategic short-term goals which will lead you there: gather all the information you need about starting your own company, where are your savings at and how much investment will setting up the business require, what are the skills you need to master yet, who is your target audience and how will you reach them etc.

Tip nr. 2: Be realistic.

In addition to tip nr. 1, your goals have to be realistic. If person Y determined that he wanted to lose 15kg in one month, he would probably fail (he might even lose all that weight, but would it be healthy? No. Would it hinder his long-term goal? Yes). It is still possible for person Y to lose 15kg, but for his long-term goal (probably to be healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle) it is better to set a realistic goal of losing 2-3kg/month. 

Tip nr. 3: You have to do it for yourself.

We often get lost when coming to this aspect of achieving results, who are we really doing it for? Are you doing all this work to show off your neighbor your new car, your hot bikini body, your wedding pictures? As I said, it is okay to be motivated by the end result, heck, it is even okay to be motivated by this bangin' Lamborghini, but in the end, you have to do it for this little boy/girl, who had major dreams and fantasies in that little messy bedroom at age 7. Doing it for others is often a road to failure. When hard times creep in, this simply won't be enough to keep you hustling.

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