Thursday, 30 August 2018

Plan With Me: Top 3 Ways To Stay Motivated

If I got a penny every time I got asked THE question (How To Stay Motivated) I'd be a very, very rich woman now. I discussed motivation in one of my previous posts (click here) and my thought flow around it is staying the same. Nevertheless, nothing happens without action, and action is determined by careful planning. If you combine the two and stick to it not just when it feels convenient, but especially, when things get tough, the odds of not succeeding are very low.  I want to share with you my 3 tips around how to stay in tune with your (life) goals.

Tip nr.1: Set your goals...

...short AND long term. Despite popular belief, these goals have to be concrete. For example, if person X determines that he will start dieting on Monday with no end goal and person Y determines, that he will lose 2kg by the end of September which one do you think will be more successful? Most likely person Y because there is a concrete goal he is working towards. Don't dream about having your own company rather set yourself a challenge: I will start my own company by April 2019. This is your long-term goal. Now set up strategic short-term goals which will lead you there: gather all the information you need about starting your own company, where are your savings at and how much investment will setting up the business require, what are the skills you need to master yet, who is your target audience and how will you reach them etc.

Tip nr. 2: Be realistic.

In addition to tip nr. 1, your goals have to be realistic. If person Y determined that he wanted to lose 15kg in one month, he would probably fail (he might even lose all that weight, but would it be healthy? No. Would it hinder his long-term goal? Yes). It is still possible for person Y to lose 15kg, but for his long-term goal (probably to be healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle) it is better to set a realistic goal of losing 2-3kg/month. 

Tip nr. 3: You have to do it for yourself.

We often get lost when coming to this aspect of achieving results, who are we really doing it for? Are you doing all this work to show off your neighbor your new car, your hot bikini body, your wedding pictures? As I said, it is okay to be motivated by the end result, heck, it is even okay to be motivated by this bangin' Lamborghini, but in the end, you have to do it for this little boy/girl, who had major dreams and fantasies in that little messy bedroom at age 7. Doing it for others is often a road to failure. When hard times creep in, this simply won't be enough to keep you hustling.

For more than a year now, the role of my planning assistant gets to the gorgeous YummyStyled planner. When I first started getting familiar with it, it was so intimidating I even expressed my feelings loudly and very ladylike: "Oh, hell no. Where are the dates? The dates are missing!" I soon realized this is actually one of the best assets this planner has. You are creating it yourself. It does not force you into when to start and when to finish. You can start it in November, if you want, and won't "lose" any space. Besides carefully planning your days, there is so much more you can do with this planner. You can have an overview of your finances, career, travels, social life, other appointments and birthdays and my personal favorite, it is full of lovely quotes which will definitely be a little pick-me-up when things get tough.

The Floral Collection is available in Rose White and Ice Grey. You can get yours on



Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Who I Am at 26

This is me at 26. I want to jot down a few things that make me who I am today or things I realized along my journey. I think it is an amazing memento from me, for me, to me.  I hope some things will change and I hope some things never change. I will learn along the way. I hope you also take something from it, hell, I will be the happiest if you share your personal few in the comments below. Let's begin.

1. Time really does heal all wounds. All you need is patience.
2. I am the least patient person e v e r.
3. Red is still my favorite color.
4. I am glad I started taking care of my skin at a young age and N E V E R missed a day since.
5. I developed a tougher skin (or genuine confidence).
6. I am not afraid to open up anymore.
7. 80's music always makes me feel too much (or/and cry). Sometimes I feel like I was born earlier.
8. I am dead scared of airplanes. I had flown 5 times and the next time will be a real struggle...
9. Injustice makes me furious. Vocal. And scratchy.
10. I was never driven by money and it still does not mean anything to me nor impresses me.
11. Stop looking for happiness in others. Or validation.
12. The only thing I would never do again is lip fillers. I am very happy my lips are back to natural.
13. Procrastination is my number 1 enemy. It messes with my head and brings (very) short term joy.
14. It genuinely makes me happy when my knowledge or experience make other people happy.
15. The more you restrict yourself from something, the more you will want it.
16. I never ever used to like chocolate. Until I decided I can't eat it.
17. I still dream very vividly.
18. ALWAYS trust your gut. It knows best.
19. Stop forcing things. Things that are meant for you, happen naturally.
20. Moving furniture around weekly is still my favorite form of meditation.
21. I was never the jealous type nor am I today.
22. I finally started forgiving. I think it is the only way to live in peace.
23. But I also finally started not forgetting. People treat you as you allow them to treat you.
24. My favorite form of expression is still writing, photography and clothes.
25. To this day I don't compare myself to anyone. No one does and sees things like you do.
26. You can forget an e-mail. But never forget to call your grandma. Family first.

Photography: Martina T.

Body&Trousers: H&M

Sandals: Primark

Bracelet: Zlatarna Celje



Monday, 27 August 2018

My Summer Morning Routine (How I stay Organized)

Welcome back!:) 

So many of you asked about my morning routine and even more about 
How I Stay Organized. Well, first of all, I think it is important to highlight that I am not an organized person by nature, I was never the girl who had perfect and organized notes at school; I used to describe my life as an organized chaos (well, I still kind of do). But the one thing I always realized the importance of is having a set routine. Being an extreme morning person, this is the only time of the day I can get things properly done. I have created a morning routine for myself ever since I started blogging but running my own company kind of forced me into it even more. Today, I will share my current, Summer morning routine (yes, it does change in the Winter time so I can't wait to share that one, as well) with you. Hope you enjoy it!:)

1. Despite popular belief, I don't start my day with social media (OK, you may catch me liking 2-3 foodporn pics on Instagram first thing in the morning:P) but rather with a big glass of lemon water with either spirulina or MSM. The first one helps me with digestion and MSM is a really cool supplement for skin, hair, and nails; it does work very well for me. This is not a hashtag #ad, I buy whatever brand I like or is the cheapest at the moment.

2. Immediately after that, I make myself a huge cup of coffee and get my ass to work. You probably thought I was gonna have breakfast and sometimes I do, but because I train early,  I like to eat later in the day and train fasted (I make sure to take my aminos to prevent muscle breakdown, though). Since I work at/from the comfort of my home, the three things on the picture above (besides my cell phone, obviously) are my most important tools slash survival kits. The first one, my MacBook, does not need an introduction, I guess, but the other two; well, my life kind of depends on them. The first one is my YummyStyled planner and the second one is my Keune notebook which is reserved for my online clients (I do online coaching). I answer my e-mails and check my to-do list for the day (which I write the day before, so I always know which tasks I have to accomplish for a certain day).

3. After about 1-2 hours of work, I drag myself to the gym. Ok, I usually don't have to drag myself, because in the morning I am leaking of energy so this is a fun task for me to accomplish. This is my "me time", this is the only time of the day I zone out. I don't allow anything to disturb me, it is just me, the weights and my music. I love when my days start this good!:) After a nice session, it is time for my protein shake, which usually consists of Whey protein, oats, water and looooots of ice and cinnamon:)

4. After the gym, I take a shower and make myself a proper breakfast. You already know about my obsession with healthy pancakes, I eat them EVERY SINGLE DAY. All you need is oats and eggs, some cinnamon and stevia, maybe. For the topping, you can use some maple syrup (or a lower sugar version of it) and some berries. Voila. During the morning I also like to sip on some cold nettle, mint & green tea (I prepare it the night before). It helps to get rid of water retention and if you add some lemon and ice, it makes THE perfect Summer drink:) So refreshing!

5. And finally, it is time to get ready for the day. I do my hair&make-up (if you want, I can do a separate make-up routine post for you:)). I don't have time (I don't like to) wash my hair in the morning so Keune saves the day: I just use their dry shampoo and the Blend Fixing Spray...and off I go!:)

So this is my morning routine guys!:) I really enjoyed creating this post, so make sure you let me know if you are interested in my evening routine?:))) 

Also, if you have some questions, leave them in the comments below!:)


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