Thursday, 8 March 2018

What motivates you? How do you stay motivated? Why don't you quit?

Maybe it is March the 8th, maybe it is the sun warming me through my bedroom window after weeks of snow&ice or maybe it is the little mental "shock therapy" I went through yesterday but I feel suffocated. I feel like a volcano for long now and I decided to let my thoughts flow onto the we speak. I won't even proofread it.

The most common question I get from you is how do I stay motivated. I am assuming you are referring to my career, trainings, my daily activities or something else. You be the judge of that. What I see and learned mostly through social media is that everyone wants to find that one magical thing...motivation.

What if I tell you motivation does not exist? I never think of motivation as something you can get, buy, lose or borrow. You can't go to the store and buy 1,3 kg of motivation. It is that inner drive to do things long after the strong momentum (let's do this!) has gone through the window. How do you stay motivated to train, you ask?

I am not. You may imagine me every day waking up with my gym bag next to my bed and planner in my hands and face full of makeup and my new Nike gear ready to go kill it. That mostly is the case, but only because I was so tired the previous night I fell asleep with my planner in my hands and my gym bag with dirty shakers in it from the previous day. Gross. And oh, so real.

I do go to the gym 360 days out of 365. But to be honest, this is not due to 1 tablespoon of motivation I take every morning. This is a HABIT I created for myself and it was not smooth. I did not wake up one day and decided I love fitness, the iron, the sweat, the dirty clothes...the pain. It slowly crawled under my skin and the pain I feared I long to. I search it. If I go a day without it, I miss it.

It is something I can't explain. It is that inner drive with all of the things I do. The things that I love and won't let me sleep. Sometimes literally. And that is the key. You got to LOVE, be crazy passionate about your dreams and then put them into action. What is the thing that won't let YOU sleep? What is that energy that is consuming you from inside out and oh, it feels so right? Why don't you do it? I will tell you why even before you tell me you don't have time, money, your parents won't let you or it is risky. It can and actually will be all of those things. But the main obstacle to get the things you you.

You are the only one who is standing between the bullshit story you can't do something and your real goal. You can do anything you put your mind&time in.

I dreamed of having my own business and my own little work space. Studio, if you want. Yesterday I was cleaning it and I realized it is EXACTLY how I imagined it to be. Even the stupid chairs are the same color and shape as they were in my imagination. I was thinking of it years and years, visualized it; everything I want and the life I want to live a little girl in my bedroom at night with books in my hands and dreams (too) big. Thoughts do become things. It is the magical law of attraction whether you believe in it or not. It does work every single time.

A very stupid but true case also happened yesterday. I was watching a YouTube video the night before and a girl mentioned a small store I heard of about a year ago. I thought to myself before I dozed off that I have to check it out first thing in the morning because I saw a really dope item I wanted for quite a while now. The next day, 12 hours later to be exact, the same company e-mailed me with a business offer.

My point is, motivation does not exist. Or at least not in a form you think of it. It is the things we do with love, passion and something we are not willing to quit on. Day after day. Will we fail sometimes? Damn straight. But will we quit? If we want that thing, we need that thing on the same level as oxygen to complete us, we will never quit.

That is why people have such a hard time believing me I really don't care about what anyone else says or thinks about the things I do. I really don't. I never ask, never google, never waste my time on something that is not pushing me forward. Because that would mean denying myself. Denying who I am and living an empty life. And I am not willing to compromise my happiness for people who have not found the things that complete them. Only people with the same attitude (and experience) can really understand that. Was I "such people" from the beginning? No. Have I built myself up to this point? Yes. Am I finished? Not even close.

I see everything as a learning curve. I try to think of obstacles as challenges. I was very naive thinking that between wanting and getting something is a smooth path. Sometimes there is not even a path. Then you have to get up and create it yourself. If you don't have time, make time. But whatever you do, do it with a smile. Then it will all be worth your while <3




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