Monday, 12 February 2018

Our Trip to Zagreb 1/3: 10 Reasons Why You Should Stay at Hostel Swanky Mint

I already story-bombed you on Instagram (you can find me @ sindiana.jones) about my weekend but sum-up travel posts are my absolute favorite thing to jot down! Me and my two best friends went on our traditional road trip and this time the destination was Zagreb (last year it was Budapest, you can find the post here). We stayed at Hostel Swanky Mint in the center of Zagreb and here are my 10 reasons why you should definitely book Hostel Swanky Mint when in Zagreb:

1. It is the nr. 1 hostel in Croatia by Hostelworld and TripAdvisor
2. It was actually an old dry cleaning and textile dye factory back in the 19th Century and the place is themed that way! How cool is that?
3. Right next to Hostel Swanky Mint is Swanky Monkey Garden bar&terrace overlooking the beautiful city. It feels like a little green escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.
4. It has a p o o l (which is the main reason I am coming back this Summer! Judging by the pictures, the pool parties must be amazing)
 5. Free Wi-fi & Netflix (and chill)! Need I say more?
6. Helpful and genuinely kind staff. You know that kind of staff that is actually nice but just because they learned to be that way? And then you meet Swanky staff, people with the biggest smile who you can joke&laugh with (they instantly make your day brighter at breakfast already)
7. Let's talk about the Swanky breakfast. The waffles and the fruit orgy jam! <3 #NOREGRETS
8. Swanky Monkey Bar has the parties at night time. The barmen really know their stuff. You will order a classic drink, they will do it with a twist and what's more, you will love it (@lipnikfilip made me something-something out of gin and kiwi and it is currently my nr.1 drink!)
9. Swanky Travel-it is part of the Hostel Swanky Mint. You will not regret booking a tour with them since Iva does her job wholeheartedly. What's more, they can arrange a totally unique tour just for you! Are you coming with your bridesmaids for the weekend? Are you the adventurous type? You are not a fan of museums and churches but still want to explore Zagreb and maybe find the place where rave parties were raving underground during the war? Iva is the answer.
10. Vibe. I was thinking a lot about the last one and I can't put it in words. You have to be there to experience that and once you go, it will be your little place place in the heart of Zagreb.

Double bed private room called Šnajderaj 

Shower humour

Netflix n chill

Hope you enjoyed part 1 of the journey; in the next two posts you will join me and the girls on a ride (walk) with Swanky Travel and in the third one you will spend an afternoon in Zagreb with us!:)

Should you wish to contact/book Hostel Swanky Mint:

Booking: click here
Facebook: click here
Instagram: @ hostelswankymint, @ swanky_monkey_garden, @ swanky_travel 




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