Thursday, 22 February 2018

5 Fun Facts About Tattoos+I Have a New Tattoo?! (ENG/SLO)

5 zanimivih dejstev o tetovažah, za katere sem pred kratkim prvič slišala:

1: Najbolj popularni motivi so: angeli, srca in "tribal" motivi. 
2: Zelena in rumena barva sta najtežji za odstranit. Najlažja za odstranit je črna barva. Sama ne razmišljam o odstranitvi svojih tetovaž, postale so del mene (dobesedno).
3: 50 ur in 10 minut je uradno najdaljša "tatu seansa". Čestitke za pogum in (upam da ne) trdo kožo.
4: 31% potetoviranih ljudi trdi, da so odvisni od tetoviranja. To lahko potrdim. Ko se enkrat tetoviraš, razmišljaš že o naslednjem tatuju. In o naslednjem.
5. Tatu na spodnjem delu hrbta (pri ženskah, to je bilo popularno predvsem v devetdesetih) ima vulgarno oznako "tramp stamp". Najbolj pogosti motivi so metuljčki, krila in "tribal" motivi.

5 weird or fun facts about tattoos I never heard of before:

1: The most popular tattoo requests are ANGELS and HEARTS; design-wise: TRIBALS. 
2: Green and yellow colors are the most difficult to remove. The easiest one is black. I would not remove any of my tats, they are part of who I am and what I liked at the time. Like a sort of an eternal diary
3: The longest recorded tattoo session lasted 50 hours and 10 minutes. Holy guacamole.
4: 31% of people with tattoos claim they are "addicted" to ink. Guilty as charged. Once you get inked you can't stop thinking about the next one. And the next one.
 A tattoo on a (females) lower back was connected to sexual promiscuity and it is called a "tramp stamp" (especially in the 90's!). The most common designs are butterflies, wings and tribal designs.


Kot ste že videli na mojem Instagramu (@sindiana.jones), imam (spet) novo tetovažo. Ne bom na veliko razpredala o pomenu le-te, saj mislim, da je zelo očitno, zakaj sem izbrala motiv :). Ta je zame zelo zelo posebna in je moja nova najljubša zraven tetovaže vrtnice na mojem stegnu (še posebej zaradi pomena, ki ga nosi). Kar je tokrat bilo še posebej kul je bilo to, da me je tetoviral moj prijatelj iz otroštva. Hugi, pridem še kaj! (@hugiog na Instagramu)


Yes, as you have already seen on my Instagram (@sindiana.jones) I got a new tattoo. I will not be preaching and explaining the meaning of it; I think it is very obvious. This one is very special to me and besides the rose tattoo on my leg, this is my favorite, especially meaning wise. What was also pretty cool is that this time I got tattoed by my childhood friend who obvo found his passion. Hugi, I'll be back! (@hugiog on Instagram)


Od prvega dne uporabljam mazilo Lux Factor Slovenija, čeprav naj bi bila namenjena negi in vzdrževanju že zaceljenih tetovaž. Je edina, ki mi je kožo res nahranila (kakšen Bepanthen je recimo veliko hitreje izgubil učinek). Za seboj pusti lep sijaj in kot sem že omenila, je moja stalnica v poletnih mesecih, da tetovaže ne zbledijo. #pripravljenanapoletje

Na spodnjih linkih si lahko prebereš tudi pomen ostalih mojih tetovaž in na kakšne načine uporabljam mazilo Lux Factor:


From the first day, I use the Lux Factor Slovenija tattoo cream, although it is primarily intended for the maintenance of already healed tattoos. It is the only one that really nourishes my skin ( Bepanthen, for example, lost much of its effect much faster). It leaves my skin shiny and as I mentioned it, the Lux Factor cream is my constant during the summer months; I use it agains tattoo-fading. You can read more about my tattoos and the weird ways I use the Lux Factor tattoo cream on these links:

Svojo kremico Lux Factor Tattoo Nano Shock lahko naročiš tukaj (klik)

You can order your Lux Factor Tattoo Nano Shock cream here (click)

Se beremo kmalu!

See you soon!


Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Our Trip to Zagreb 3/3: Eat, Coffee, Love

It's been more than a week since our trip and scrolling through the roll, I decided to share some highlights with you after Amadea asked: Will you do a similar post about our trip as you did last year?? :D Well, our trips are literally 80% coffee and 20% everything else. In Budapest, it was so cold, that we literally wandered from 1 coffee shop to another. It wasn't as cold in Zagreb but we did that anyway. But TBH, this time we even went to some other-than-coffee shops, too. What I liked the most about our trip was being careless. I literally learned how to enjoy the moment there; of course, I did a snap or two so I can report back to you now, but other than that... I ate well, I slept well, I partied even better. And that's the beauty of these little getaways. They are so rare. You learn to appreciate those moments after I-don't-know-how-many months of work, stress, routine, even. What's the next destination, girls? <3

Where else:D

0,75l of beer for Sanja :p

I don't usually like burgers but THIS one. Oh, this one!

Til next time, 


Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Our Trip to Zagreb 2/3: Tour de Zagreb with Swanky Travel (Museum of Illusions, Museum of Torture,...)

Even before Iva from Swanky travel picked us up for our walking tour, I knew that that particular Sunday afternoon is going to be bomb dot com. The sun was shining, people (including us) were a bit hungover but happy due to dancing and laughing (and traces of gin) from the night before. We were sippin' coffee on the Swanky Monkey Garden terrace (click here for the post) and not giving a damn about the fact that our weekend is coming to an end. We did not even finish the coffees when Iva was suddenly standing in front of us all bubbly and ready for the trip. Her good mood was infectious and soon we formed a little chatty group wandering through Zagreb, amused. See, the fact is, that all those city tours give us all sorts of negative associations. Museums and churches. Duh. Boring. In primary school, now and forever. Well, not this time. Ivas' last name could be MythBuster because she smashed all the myths about those boring city tours when the only highlight of the day is McDonald's at the end. Let me tell you, that after the Museum of Torture even I could not finish a McFlurry (I am an MCD ice cream queen, obvo). I also already told you on Instagram (@ sindiana.jones) that the horse of Ban Josip Jelačić was named Emir but what I did not tell you is that because of that little trick I remembered EVERYTHING about that mighty statue (did you know that Ban and Banovina can't be translated no matter how hard you try? It is not monarch, it is not knez, it is not car, it is and will stay Ban and Banovina). We also walked through an underground tunnel (Tunel Grič) where rave concerts were raving during the war. If you listened closely...well, you heard nothing but the acoustics in that place was damn fine if you uttered a word in that spot. Oh, and check out the Facebook page of Grički Top. And its last 10 status updates. You are welcome.

The statue of Ban Josip Jelačić (this statue was first removed due to political reasons, then brought back; now he is pointing in another direction; to the "future")

St. Marks' Church (the animal on the left is actually Kuna-Kuna is the Croatian currency)

Tunel Grič

Underground marketplace

Museum of Torture

Museum of Torture

Museum of Torture

Before/After renovation

Before/After renovation

Museum of Illusions

Museum of Illusions

Museum of Illusions

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you ever visited Zagreb and what did you like the most!:)

Should you wish to book Swanky Travel for a walking tour or an adventure created individually for you (do you fancy some scavenger hunts, maybe? Are you coming with the boys/girls for the weekend without any plans?), you can contact them on Instagram (@ swanky_travel) 

See you soon in the next post:  Zagreb part 3/3!

Hugs and kisses,

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