Tuesday, 26 September 2017

OOTD: September Issue(s)

I am sitting in Makalonca (a beautiful coffee place in the center of Ljubljana), somewhere in between events. One done, one to go. My heart is pounding like crazy but I am used to that adrenaline on hectic days when I have to be in a constant rush. I am watching Lljubljanica making her path and a young girl just lit her cigarette. I want one so badly. The sum of this morning: ruined pants: 1, ruined sweater, because I didn't close the car doors properly: 1, fights with my boyfriend:3, unnecessary fights with my boyfriend because I can be a nerve-rack: also 3. Over-analyzing every stupid detail: gazillion. And then out of nowhere, here it comes. Stillness. For a moment, I just stop and look around. Suddenly, I remember a little girl who dreamed of being able to write on her computer, take photos of everything, travel a lot and is constantly surrounded by (new) faces, learning things every single day. And out of the blue (literally), everything is okay. All the grey moments are forgotten and replaced by a puzzle of new faces I saw today. That girl is me now. It is okay. I suddenly taste a world of difference in my coffee...

Photography: The Simons' Lab


Jacket: Clark
Bag: HM
Shoes: Deichmann
Top: HM
Pants: Primark
Watch: Quartz




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