Sunday, 17 September 2017

Men&Women Fall OOTD: Streets of Zagreb

This one will be a bit different. I spent my weekend in Zagreb with The boy (we went on a business trip which I will tell you about in one of the next posts). We were exploring the streets of Zagreb and decided to take some shots along the way. Now, you might have a question: HOW. How did I convince The boy to quit his Instagram husband job for a second and stand on the other side of the camera for once. Well, let's compare the whole thing to weight loss. You might not like the journey, but you are quite fond of the results; heck, you are crazy about the end result. And he is patient when he wants to be. So when I was ordering him around (look down, tilt your head-NO! the other way!) he obeyed because he trusted me; he knew he will like the end result. And when I quickly stopped a young girl, pushed my phone into her hand, uttered a nice "Please, can you take a photo of us?"-boy, they were both in shock. For a brief second. Then they started smiling and the last photo in this thread captures that in an amazing way. When we take a trip down memory lane and scroll through old photos we are both glad I am that kind of crazy. He assumed that 10 years ago and for sure he is convinced now. Well, if you want something in life, all you have to do is ask. Ask yourself, the universe, the source, or a nice girl on the streets of Zagreb and you will get it. But make sure to be nice and don't forget to have some fun along the way. Oh, and The boy already asked when can we shoot something again. Hell yes!

My outfit:

Coat: Bershka
Shoes: gift
Skirt: Pull&Bear
T-shirt: H&M
Lipstick: Kylie Cosmetics

Simons' outfit:
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

All the photos are taken with iPhone 7+

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