Friday, 22 September 2017

Competition Prep Diaries 2: My New Training Split, Changes, Am I Lactose Intolerant?!

Welcome back! :)

This week was a really good one, I was on point with my training schedule and the diet went smooth as well. Yesterday, I was a bit cranky (the 4th low carb day is usually not a fun one; I will tell you more about what this means later), my mood started to alternate; I thought of something negative and that usually leads to another negative thought and that is when I fall off the wagon. I quickly recognized the pattern though, got my sh*t together and started working. When I was done, I cleaned the apartment. It sounds weird, but being busy often helps your mind not to buzz all the time about irrelevant stuff. Anyway.

This morning I had a training&check-in with my coach. Training with him is always hardcore and that's O.K., I really enjoy it (not at that time, of course;  but later, I am happy, I pushed through!); he is checking and correcting my form and I can really concentrate on pushing myself 100%. He also motivates me to be better;  when he brings like a heavy dumbbell and I say hell-I can't do that!, then he says-hell, of course, you can. And then I really can. Anyway, my form improved a little since our last check; I lost a little weight but we decided to make some minor changes in my diet and with my training because my legs and glutes are developing well (I train them 2x a week now) but my shoulders are a little behind. So, the new split will look like this:

DAY 1: Legs&Glutes (*glute focused)
DAY 2: Shoulders&Triceps&Calves
DAY 3: Back&Biceps&Abs
DAY 4: Legs&Calves
DAY 5: Shoulders&Abs&Chest

On top of that I do 4x40 min. cardio sessions/week  and 2x10-15 minutes of sprints/week and from now on, I will also throw in some additional ab exercises after cardio.

Today also marks the 5th day completely without dairy products (I mentioned this briefly on my instagram story). I really feel like a whole different person; I think, I might have been a little lactose intolerant because I saw major changes in ONLY 4-5 days! I don't feel as bloated and heavy, my tummy is flatter (not just in the morning), I feel great and I don't even miss dairy. When Mitja (my coach) said that there will be no milk, no cheese and other dairy product (except some cottage cheese or greek yogurt) on the menu, I dropped my jaw a little. How can I survive without my morning cafe-latte?! Well, surprise, surprise; now I drink my coffee black and I am still here. It is easier than you think, although there is some research on that cheese might actually be as addictive as some drugs and when people say, they don't think they can't live without cheese, they are too addicted, this might even be the truth. Anyway, I am staying dairy free; I feel good and I can fit into my good jeans even after a (dairy-free) meal. Win-win.

As far as my diet goes, I am doing one variation of carb-cycling; previously I had 4 low carb days and 1 higher carb day and then 4 low carb days again etc. From today on, I will be having only 3 low carb days and 1 higher carb day after that. I measure all my food precisely on the food scale (prep diet is very different than a regular diet; things have to be precise to work).  If you have any additional questions about that, let me know and we will discuss it. 

Today, I also earned one OFF meal but it has to be clean foods which means no ice cream or pizza; I will probably have a big bowl of some sort of pasta. In the beginning of next week, I will also tell you about my weekly results. When I will be that brave, photo material is also coming.

In the next post, I am planning to answer some of your questions. I know you have them because I have tons of them in my DM; now you have the opportunity to get them answered :)! Write them in the comment section below and you will get your answer in the next post:). Or you can just tell me, which one is your favourite Ben&Jerrys'. Haha.

yours truly (happy and carbed up today),



  1. zdravo, zanima me kako shujsati poskusila sm ze veckrat a vedno obupala😏

  2. Ful bi blo dobro ce bi kaksne short videe workoutov posnela, pa kaksno razmerje imas zdaj pri hrani OH/proteini/maščobe in kakšno razmerje si imela preden si začela s pripravami na tekmovanje, kako je tvoje telo odreagiralo na tak strogo dieto kot jo imas zdaj?��
    Imas kakšne nadomestke za mleko? Riževo, kokosovo?

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