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What You Wanted to Know about Tummy TeaTox

Now before you click away rolling your eyes out, let me tell you that I was thinking exactly what you are thinking right now. Yet ANOTHER detox-slim-skinny tea! "No, I don't really want to hear about it". Since I am huge believer in a religion called fitness, I know that there are no short-cuts to a fit and healthy body and I will not be convinced otherwise. After a few meetings with the Tummy TeaTox people, I realized, that this is not one of those skinny teas. This is a movement. It wants to show women that they have always been beautiful, empower them and give them back what they seem to have forgotten: self-love and self-belief. I was all in.

What are the Tummy TeaTox products and how do they it work?

You can get all the information about the products if you click here. Besides the products listed, you also get an example meal and a workout plan, which can give you a rough idea about meal&workout planning if you are a beginner. The whole range is made of:

-Daily Kick Tea
-Sleep Tight Tea
-Happy Enzimes
-Cleanse Drink.

(you can also get all the items separately).

What Tummy TeaTox did for me?

I know better than thinking that drinking these things will make me look like a Victorias' Secret model (I don't want to look like one in the first place, I mean, have you seen Michelle Lewin?! hashtag goals!). But what I do know, is that if I want to be and look healthy and fit, I sometimes need a serious kick in the butt. And then take that butt to the squat rack and do my workout. No excuses. So, when starting the Tummy TeaTox routine (because that's what it became), I decided, that I am gonna sign a cut the bull**** contract with myself and kick my bad habits through the roof, starting with day one. Did I fail? Miserably. I did not kick all my bad habits in one day, but as I went along with the program, not only my body was feeling lighter and energized, but my mind shifted to all the right places. Or at least did some effort to do so. I actually embraced a few habits I wanted to for a long time. For example, sleep more than 1,5 hours per night and not go to McDonalds every Sunday (I still go to McDonalds almost daily, but just to get that damn Americano--> plain black coffee FYI. Not exactly the Tall-Caramel-Mocha-Chocolate-Sprinkle-Unicorn-Latteaccino but it does the job). Did I get a flatter stomach along the way? Yes. But have I eaten junk and didn't exercise in the meantime? Hell no. And I realized that this is exactly what the "Tummy Philosophy" is all about. Gradually kicking your bad habits out, preparing your mind and your body to embrace a healthier lifestyle-and a flatter stomach is just a plus.

Kudos to the designers, I mean, how cute  is that packaging?!

Should you have further questions just leave them in the comments below, will be glad to help you out. We got this, girl!

P.S. You can get your program for 50% off if you place your order til Sunday! Happy TeaToxing! 
P.S. 2. Don't forget to use my code: SINDIANA20!:)

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