Tuesday, 17 January 2017

My Little Getaway to Bled

In August, I received the most wonderful birthday gift from Simon: a little getaway of my choice in the colder months. Since he knows that random road trips are my thing, he tried not to plan too much in advance and most importantly, not to tell me anything about the destination. So for the first time ever, I let him plan out the whole trip and for a control-freak like me, this is something way out of mcomfort zone! But damn, did that turn out amazing. He told me where we were going 2 days before the actual trip, but still not all the details. Long story short, I had the most amazing few days: from our stay at  Hotel Golf Bled****, to binging out on "originalne blejske kremšnite" at Restavracija in kavarna Park, amazing breakfasts with a view at our hotel (where they actually let me take pictures for my blog, so sweet of them, thank you!), to paying an astronomical bill for two at Soba 102 in Ljubljana (so worth it!). Enough of the boring intro, let's go in medias res...

The lobby at our hotel

Restavracija in kavarna Park: Dom originalne blejske rezine

At Kult: an amazing pub we found randomly

These window movie details are everything

Relaxing at the hotel room

Wellness time 
The most amazing breakfast bar ever...Wait for the other pics <3

Sunrise: The view from our balcony

A little morning swim before heading to Ljubljana
I heard so much amazing things about Soba 102 (specially their LCHF options!) that I had to try it out for myself
The magic "no calorie no carb no nothing" pasta with cheese&egg sauce

LCHF chocolate cake
LCHF cheesecake
A little shopping while in Ljubljana is my unwritten rule
Coffee with style!

I also randomly went to the hairdressers' and came out "back to black" again <3
All in all, you can see I had an amazing time. You don't always have to go far away to have some fun. Sometimes the best things are right in front of us and often left unexplored. Slovenia has many hidden treasures and I definitely plan to discover all of them. I am gonna grab my backpack, my car, my camera, my friends and off I go! And of course, you will read all about it here on my blog!

Til next time,




  1. Ti nisi več veganka? Predvidevam, da si osveščena o tej temi, zato se sprašujem čemu ta sprememba? Žal sem kar razočarana. Vse dobro.

    1. Trenutno se iz osebnih razlogov ne držim veganskega načina prehranjevanja. Če pa želiš več informacij glede tega, ti z veseljem odgovorim na zasebno sporočilo.

      LP, S.


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