Sunday, 9 October 2016

What's in My Gym Bag?

Temperatures are getting lower and the gyms are getting fuller. Summer is my inner child and there is no season like it but this year the change feels a bit different; I am amazingly surprised that I don't get aggressive right away when I have to grab my jacket on the way out. I even liked some "cozy-days-of-cocoa-and-blankets-and-fuzzy-socks-are-coming" pictures on Instagram! Anyway, back to the topic, I am looking forward to that the unofficial gym season is finally open and training outside will have to wait til' 2017. I am a big fan of training in the gym, I like the "solitude" (which is ironic, since gyms are mostly crowded) in the sense of being with your own thoughts and pushing your 100% on the machines or with your bodyweight. I already mentioned that I don't prefer Zumba, pilates or yoga classes; in other words, training with other people freaks me out. Maybe, because I am very social (yes, social media counts!) otherwise and the gym balances out this hustle and bustle of my life perfectly; so on this occasion, I decided to give you a sneak-peak of what is actually hiding in my gym bag:

1) Towel
2) Nikes
3) MyEqua BPA FREE water bottle
4) Sports bra
5) Headphones+iPod
6) Leggings
7) CD deodorants and shower gels (0% silicones, parabens, colorants or animal ingredients)
8) Primark bag
9) workout gloves
11) Comb
12) Hair bands

What's inside your gym bag? Do you prefer training in nature, in the gym or do you like to take classes? Tell me in the comments.



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