Sunday, 2 October 2016

Balkan Trip pt.2: My Top 3 Beaches in Budva, Montenegro

I am currently sitting at a Café with my laptop and browsing through my Summer memories. Tans did fade, hair is darker, days are shorter. I still owe you the Balkan Trip pt.2 and I hope this one will cheer your gloomy Sunday up a bit (it may even help you pre-plan your 2017 vacation?). Anyway, I want to share my top 3 beaches I visited in Budva and why I would recommend them. Oh, and do you still remember me as a blonde?!

My top 3 beaches:

1) Bečići beach
I spent most of my vacation on this beach. It is 2km long and it is a typical sandy beach which can be quite crowded (as almost every beach in Budva; I really don't recommend Slovenska plaža, I was literally claustrophobic there). What I liked the most about it, is that there was a waiter on almost every square centimetre of the beach (:D) so you could order an ice-cold glass of lemonade whenever you wanted. Oh, and don't walk barefoot on this beach: it burns as hell since the temperatures get pretty high. Price for an umbrella+two beds: 8-12EUR; it  depends on how close to the ocean you want to be.

2) Ploče Beach
This is the ultimate party place-beach. There are pools with pool bars (the pool area with tables has a foam machine!), good music, restaurants etc. You can not bring food and drinks with you though because it is private beach, and you should eat and drink there; but the parking is free and the staff is super nice. So, if you want to relax, I wouldn't recommend this place because it was clearly made for parties. :)

3) Mogren Beach
This beach was my favourite one and I hate to admit that I discovered it the last day of my staying. Mogren beach is actually 2 smaller beaches connected with a "tunnel". This beach is supposed to be the most beautiful beach in Montenegro. It is not as "commercial" since it is harder to reach (only by foot) and it is placed "among" rocks which should give you a feeling of solitude.  It totally would; however, it is really overcrowded. 

Have you ever visited Budva? Would you recommend any (hidden) spots to my readers? Hope you enjoyed this post, "see" you soon!




  1. Z eno besedo: Čudovito!!!!!

    1. Hvala ti; brings back memories, res:)


  2. Slike so res čudovite in plaže mamljive, da boljne bi mogle biti. Super post.


    1. Hvala Leja❤️. Glede na to, da sem jih ujela s telefonom, so izpadle dokaj OK😌

      xx, Sindi


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