Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Outfit: Indian Summer

For a moment I thought Summer is over but the other day I was surprised by an amazing sunrise. I knew the morning is gonna turn to a beautiful afternoon so I decided to spend some time at the park. I had quite a busy Summer; I never really stopped, not even for a minute (not even on my vacation, since I took that damn laptop everywhere with me) e.g. just to have some fun with my friends (fun?! ain't nobody got time fo' that!). Since I take meditation "classes" I am learning how to be present in the moment. I struggle a lot with this one but I am getting better and better at it. It is all about progress, no matter how big or small. I always remember that quote from a funny meme: "Inner peace, where are you!? I don't have all day!" This is so true for me since I am always on a rush. But I am proud of myself; the last couple of weeks have been more spontaneous; sometimes I don't even have a plan for a whole hour! Do I consider it wasted? No. What do I do? Nothing special. The last time I had an hour to spend, I went to the park, as mentioned above. My #ootd was this special minty  off-shoulder tee I got in Budva and wanted to wear it ever since. My phone also got its's #ootd: it is dressed in a special Man&Wood case, a real-wood product made of natural wood materials. It is a premium product created by sensible designs to conserve the natural texture and beauty of wood. It has electromagnetic wave reducing effect and heat release functions and it is an environmental-and-human-friendly product made from eco-friendly ingredients and finishing materials.

Outfit details:

Off-shoulder T-Shirt: From vacation in Budva
Shorts: Primark
Sandals: Deichmann
Bag: Mass

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*this post has been sponsored by WoodWay



  1. Ful lepa majčka! Tudi jaz sem imela bizzy poletje, tako da mi te sončni in topli dnevi v septembru čisto pašejo =)


    1. Hvala Klavdija! ❤️ Oh, ja. Čeprav letos prvič res čakam na ohladitev, ker je tu v MB neznosno soparno zadnje dni (decembra bom pa jamrala za toplimi dnevi) :D


  2. Všečna bluzica :) Pa phone case tudi, je tak prav poseben :) xx Maja

    1. Hvala 😌
      Se strinjam; nikoli še nisem imela podobnega in je zares kvaliteten :)



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