Saturday, 13 August 2016

Travel: Siófok (Muscle) Beach, Hungary

As you may already know, I traveled to Siófok, Hungary with some of my friends last weekend. Siófok is the "capital" of lake Balaton and it is famous for it's night life and wonderful beaches. But why is it also important? Because the Scitec Muscle Beach event takes place there, of course! This was my second time and definitely not the last time. I couldn't wait to go again this year and it was so worth the wait. At this point, you are probably wondering what this event is. It is a traditional meeting of thousands of  fitness lovers from all around the world. It offers so many activities: you can work out in their open-air gym, you can compete (or just watch) in various categories: strongman, powerlifting, bikini contest etc), you can enjoy the lake and the beach, you can try out some Scitec Nutrition supplements, buy some of their merchandise and for me, the most exciting part is to meet the international team of TEAM SCITEC PRO MEMBERS! Last year I was most excited about meeting Cedric McMillan (USA) and Toldi Zsuzsanna (Hungary), but this year I was over the moon when I talked and took pictures with Valeria Ammirato (Germany)! She was my inspiration before I even knew who she was and actually talking to her was an amazing experience. I am also a fan of Dóri Bodó (Hungary) and Béla Kathi (Hungary) (the funniest guy ever). I am gonna stop rambling now and show you some captured moments:

'Til next year!




  1. Živjo,
    zanima me, kje si kupila ta očala? Ful so lepa in zelo lepo ti pašejo :-)

    1. Živjo,

      pred kakim mesecem ali dvema v New Yorkerju :)
      Hvala ❤️

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  3. This was my second time and definitely not the last time. I couldn't wait to go again this year and it was so worth the wait.

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