Thursday, 4 August 2016

Outfit: Feeling (hand)baggy

One of these days I'm gonna make the effort of not titling my posts as I feel like. But right now, I do feel handbaggy (I just make up random words in my free time, that's why I keep canceling my coffee dates) since two days ago I found the perfect handbag. I was traveling through Primark with my boyfriend (yes, traveling, since my visit to Primark usually lasts for about 5 hours. Without the driving part). We were already on our way to the cashier and then I saw it, and in that delirium I remember saying to my boyfriend: "Simon! Omg. I'm not gonna buy anything I already picked out but I just need this in my life! I need it!" Because just looking at it, I thought it was like 70 bucks (minimum) and I set my budget at around 100 bucks that day. Euros. But who was I kidding, I was in Primark. I knew  it was cheap (it was only 16 Euros) and I knew I am gonna buy everything  I already picked out anyway. But these words somehow work wonders on guys. After that little drama, he was convinced that this bag means a lot to me and waited patiently til I checked out how I look with it in every single mirror at the store. He gave me the look, tho. The 'you-just-bought-a-new-bag-last-week' look. Hey, I needed that one too! Wait...which one is it already?

Outfit details:

Bag: Primark
Top: Zara
Shorts: Primark
Sandals: Deichmann

Photography: Simon Kociper

Love love love,



  1. Res huda torbica =) eye-candy!

    1. It took a moment, really *.*

      Hvala <3

      x, Sindi

  2. Res lepa torbica :D drugače pa se strinjam glede "potovanja po primarku" haha, moj obisk trgovine se vedno giblje nekje "kratke" 4 urce. :D
    J. ♡

    1. Primark=turistična znamenitost. Pika. :D

      Xx, Sindi


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