Saturday, 27 August 2016

Balkan Trip Pt.1: Dubrovnik

This year has been very generous to me- specially travel wise. After the Makeup Revolution event with bloggers in London, I traveled to Italy and Tenerife, made a few jumps to Hungary (Budapest, Siofok, Mohacs) and after that, some more happy news: 10 days of Budva in August! We stopped in Split and Dubrovnik (the latest has been on my bucket-list long before the Game of Thrones hype). The best adjective to describe Dubrovnik is mighty. Oh, and crowded! So watch your step on Stradun, the main street, not just because of hordes of tourists, but also because it is slippery (depends on your footwear, though; I simply had to choose my fancy wedges to stroll through Stradun-not my brightest moment). Anyway, I definitely recommend you to visit Dubrovnik, the city which joined the UNESCO back in 1979. Oh, and did you know that the name Dubrovnik is derived from dubrava, which means "oak grove"? So Game of Thrones-ish!

Is Dubrovnik also on your bucket list or have you already visited it? What are your impressions?




  1. Joooj kako čudovito mesto! <3 Tukaj sem bila samo enkrat (kot mala deklica) in definitivno hočem še enkrat obiskati ta kraj. In love :O xx


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