Tuesday, 1 March 2016

10 Tips: How To Start Your Fitness Journey and Stay Motivated!

Hello everyone,

this is a highly requested post and I finally had some time to create it. You keep sending me questions on Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram about fitness, how to stay motivated etc. and I decided to answer all your questions in this post. Let's begin!

1) Come up with a plan and actually stick to it: FIND YOUR FIT!

What I basically suggest is that you come up with a plan that SUITS YOU AND YOUR NEEDS, because that's the ONLY way you are going to stick to it. You don't need stupid diets that are promoted on TV, just switch your eating habits. Start slow. Eat whole grain stuff instead of "empty", white stuff. I know it will not be easy at first, but hey, you want to be healthy, right? You just can't stuff your face with cake all the time and expect miracles. Cut the crap(py food). Invest in yourself. I personally follow a plant-based diet for a few months now and I have never felt better. My skin is amazing and I 'accidentally' dropped a few pounds. Don't cut back on calories too much, because you will need fuel for exercise. Exercise?? You will have to exercise!? Read on!;)

2) Take measurements and before-after photos

Now this is very important. Forget obsessing about the scale and kilograms, focus on how your body is actually changing. Take measurements and progress photos every two weeks. You will be amazed. I promise. Take measurements of:


Progress photos can be taken in front of the mirror. Wear something like a sports bra and panties and take photos from front and side.

3) Do what you like to do (so exercise does not become a chore!)

You hate fitness but you are really into dancing or zumba? GO for it! Find something, that makes you happy and you will actually anticipate working out. This will be your happy hour! I personally really enjoy going to the gym and I am not just saying that. I tried pilates, yoga, zumba and other group-workouts but I felt really bad because that just was not for me! I feel best at the gym, with my headphones and heavy iron. Solo. The important thing is, that you do something consistently, min. 3-4 times a week. Because rest is also important. (Where is my rest muscle and how do I train it?!)

4) Don't take it too personally

Don't obsess about it. Don't think about losing weight 24 hours per day. Seize the day with your hobbies, interests and other stuff you like to do. You started your new lifestyle because you want to be healthy. The fact that you will lose some excess body fat is amazing. But your health and overall well being are the most important. That's why it is called fitness. Fitness is a state of being. Your skin will look better, you will sleep better and you will just be happier, because working out wakes up your "lucky hormones"! And of course, your butt will look amazing. 

5) This one is optional (but works wonders for me):

Nice gym clothes. This is the shallowest thing I ever said "in public" but some girls will actually agree with me on that.  Nice workout gear motivates me. It does not have to be expensive but  rather something I feel (and look) really good in. You can even reward your first progress with some nice clothes (instead of comfort food. You will thank me later). 

6) Drink plenty

This one is such a cliche I won't even say it. HYDRATE,  BABY! H2O is amazing. Throw in a slice of lemon or chop up some strawberries. This will be your new champagne now, ok?

7) Motivation board

I mentioned this one on my Snapchat, where I showed you my "fitness board". I basically took some big ass paper and pasted some fit girls' pictures on it. Fit, NOT SKINNY! When I loose all my motivation and I am about to eat three or four vegan brownies, I look at them. If I am still hungry, I know it is time to eat. But if I suddenly feel my strong will-power again, I know that I am just bored. Because as you know, I am an emotional eater. Pinterest or Instagram are also good sources of motivation. Or YouTube. But be a filter: you do realize that some of those photos are photoshopped, right? We don't all have the same genetics and a thigh gap may be just an unrealistic dream. But health is not. Be THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF!

8) Be realistic

0,5 kg per week is fine. At the beginning you will loose your water weight and you will drop some pounds fast. Later, you will struggle for weeks for that 0,5 kg. Don't push yourself too hard. You are doing this because you love yourself not because you hate yourself. But push yourself enough. Be your own motivator.

9) Apps

You all have those smartphones, right? There are so many apps that can help you along your fitness journey! My favourites are: Sweat (with Kayla), Seven, MyFitnessPal, My Workout App (this one shows you the main exercises at the gym, so you will never feel lost again in front of a big, scary machine or some strange looking gear like a kettle bell!).

10) It is a way of life

Walk. Save the environment. Clean the dirt off your bike and off you go. Take the stairs instead of the elevator (I rarely follow this one but I am working on it SO hard). Jog, when you can. Small changes will add up to a big change, eventually. Three months from now you will believe me.

And I believe in you. Are you with me?!

Leave me your comments and questions, I will be happy to answer them! Also, give me some ideas about fitness&health posts, what would you like to read about next??




  1. Love this post honey!
    We soooo often forget how much those little changes can contribute to the bigger goal.

    1. Tnx, baby!
      So true:)

      P.S. Me and Charlie watched your new video! It was helpful and you so pretty in it :3

  2. Zajela si prave točke, všečna objava :). Jaz si vedno mislim, da je prvo sploh to, da se moraš odločiti, da boš nekaj spremenil. Če delaš to za koga drugega ali samo za kakšen plehek razlog, se nikoli ne obdrži. Se mi pa zdi, da je zdaj itak nek velik "trend" po zdravem počutju, kamor seveda sodi tudi fizična aktivnost, ki mora postati del življenjskega stila. Taka ali drugačna. Zdaj pa gremo malo migat ;D

    1. Se strinjam! To si je treba želeti, pri sebi razčistiti najprej ZAKAJ bomo to naredili. Zase.:) Če je "fit" življenjski slog res postal trend, ga bom podprla z vsemi močmi, ker je potemtakem najboljši trend v zgodovini človeštva. Vsekakor boljši trend od drog, alkohola, presuhih manekenk in drugih odvisnosti:)

      Hvala <3

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