Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Outfit: Street Girls

Hello everyone,

I spent a lovely day with one of my friends, also a fellow blogger, Sabrina from Many Loves by Sabrina. She is a talented make-up artist and a wonderful person. We inspired each other to start blogging (I completely restarted my blog in October 2015 and she also started blogging from scratch the same month). We get together sometimes and we talk make-up, baby! And fashion. And versatile interests. And life. I feel blessed to have such lovely people in my life whom I can be completely myself with and have wonderful conversations about everything. And another important fact: we always have a good laugh! :)

Check out our #ootd (and don't forget to check out her blog). Our outfit details are down below:

Sabrina's outfit:
Shoes: Zara
Pants: Zara
Top: Primark
Coat: gift
Glasses: e-bay
Bracelet: SIX

My outfit:
Sneakers: Primark
Jeans: Clark
Top: Two Way
Blazer: H&M
Watch: Michael Kors

But at the end, let us take a selfie!

I really hope you liked this post because we had sooo much fun creating it and it was so spontaneous! If you would like to see more collaborations like that, leave me a comment!




  1. Kak sta lepi, polni pozitivne energije in seveda čudoviti outfiti! Me veseli, da si skombinirala športne čevlje z blazerjem. xx

    1. Hvala ti, v imenu obeh! Me veseli, da se dejansko vidi, kako sve se zabavale med "šutingom":)

      Jaa, izredno rada kombiniram športne čevlje z nečim elegantnim, sploh tako, za vsak dan!

      xx, Sindi

  2. Čudovita outfita! In jooooj kak hud plašč! i'm in love ! <3

    1. Hvala!:)
      In ja, se čist strinjam, ta sivi plašč je to die for!:)

  3. Luškani, ZELO.

    Hkrati sexy in samozavestni hkrati pa ravno prav kjuuut :*

    1. O hvala Katja!:) Res je vse skup izpadlo bolj spontano kot ponavadi, meni je tudi všeč :)



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