Sunday, 28 February 2016

Outfit: Sunday Vibes


Sleeping til noon, having a late breakfast and leaving the weekly rush somewhere behind you. Sounds familiar? Yes, it is finally Sunday! Me and my boyfriend decided that instead of ordering take-out and watching series all day long, we spend the day in the city. We went to Nana, which is a lovely Café in Maribor.


Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Nike Shop
Top: H&M
Sweater: H&M
Faux-leather jacket: Tally Weijl
Bag: gift from Greece

P.S. The winner of my "Wild Vest" outfit-post giveaway (sponsored by lič  is:


Congratulations! She is now the proud owner of a new Sleek Palette and a Montagne Jenesse Strawberry Soufle face mask!



Friday, 12 February 2016

Travel: I was scared in Mohács! (Carnival 2016)

Masked busó at the town square/Busó 

ker je bil teden bolj pustno obarvan, bom še jaz priložila svoj piskrček. Ta vikend sem bila v Mohácsu, mestecu na Madžarskem, kjer je potekal tradicionalni pustni karneval oz. "busójárás". Sama sem pričakovala maske metuljčkov, princesk, zajčkov in podobne. Vendar se je ta karnival izkazal kot drugačen. Poglejte si, zakaj!

Kaj sploh je "busójárás"?

"Busójárás "(kar bi nekako prevedla kot "pohod busójev") je tradicionalno praznovanje v mestu Mohács, ki se konča na dan pred pepelnično sredo. Prireditev je znana po "busójih", ljudeh, ki nosijo tradicionalne maske, podobne našim kurentom. Prireditev je spremljana tudi z ljudsko glasbo, maškarado, paradami in plesom. "Busójárás" traja šest dni, običajno februarja, začne se v četrtek, sledi karneval "Kisfarsang" v petek, nato pa v nedeljo sledi največje praznovanje, katerega sem se udeležila tudi sama. V torek se praznovanje konča s "pokopom pusta". Te tradicionalne aktivnosti so od leta 2009 vpisane tudi na seznam kulturne dediščine UNESCO.

Hello everyone,

last weekend I traveled to Mohács which is a town in Baranya county in Hungary (on the right bank of the Danube). I knew that we are going to a carnival but what I expected was thousands of butterflies, princesses, rabbits and other masks. But soon I realized, this carnival was not an average carnival. So, join me on my trip and see why!

What is this carnival about?

"The "Busójárás" (meaning "Busó-walking") is an annual celebration of the town of Mohács, held at the end of the Carnival season, ending the day before Ash Wednesday. The celebration features Busós (people wearing traditional masks) and includes folk music, masquerading, parades and dancing. Busójárás lasts six days, usually during February. It starts on a Thursday, followed by the "Kisfarsang" carnival on Friday, with the biggest celebration, "Farsang vasárnap", on the seventh Sunday before Easter Sunday. These traditional festivities have been inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of  UNESCO in 2009."

Mohács, Széchenyi Square/Mestni trg Széchenyi v Mohácsu


Friday, 5 February 2016

Outfit: My Hometown Park + Q&A

The view on the Theatre&concert hall/Pogled na Gledališko in koncertno dvorano Lendava

Hello beauetés,

I spent a lovely day in my hometown park (Lendava) and I decided to give you a sneak-peak of my #ootd that day. The piece that inspired me the most this winter is my coat, which I got so many questions on where it is from (see it down below). I also did a little random Q&A-mix. Enjoy!

Hejla lepotice,

po dolgem času sem preživela čudovit dan v svojem domačem kraju, v Lendavi. S tabo bom delila svoj "outfit dneva", ki je res čisto preprost, pa vendar malce drugačen. Kos, ki me je to zimo najbolj inspiriral, je moj plašček, za katerega ste me pogosto vprašale, od kod je (poglej info-box na dnu strani). Odgovorila sem tudi na nekaj vaših vprašanj, ki ste mi jih postavili v zadnjih dveh tednih. Uživajte!


Q: What's your favourite album of all times?/Tvoj najljubši album vseh časov?

A: My all time fave album is (this might come as a surprise)  Garage, Inc. (Metallica), which is a  is a cover/compilation album. I like every single song on it and there's no other album where I would genuinely like ALL the songs. 

Moj najljubši album je Garage, Inc. od Metallice, ki je "cover" kompilacija. Na tem albumu mi je všeč VSAKA pesem in se to (doslej) še ni zgodilo pri nobenem drugem albumu.

Q: Where do you buy your clothes?/ Kje kupuješ oblačila?

A: Zara, Bershka, New Yorker, H&M, Pull&Bear, Tally-Weijl and some online stores. And then Primark happened. I fell in love and I can spend a whole day in it. Or 3.

V Zari, Bershki, New Yorkerju, H&M-u, Pull&Bear-u, v Tally-Weijl in na spletu. Toda nato sem odkrila Primark, kjer bi lahko preživela 3 dni skupaj, pa se še vedno nebi naveličala. 

Q: How do you style your clothes?/Kako narediš stajling?

A: I don't. I never think of my outfits in advance. I always go with what I feel like that day or that moment. I never look back thinking "damn, I was so ridiculous on XY day". I wasn't. I was just dressed how I felt like. I believe that we express ourselves through our clothes. And expressing ourselves is artsy in a way. And art is never wrong.

Nikoli ne naredim stajlinga vnaprej. Vedno se oblečem tako, kot se v tistem trenutku počutim. Nikoli tudi ne gledam nazaj in si ne mislim, da sem bila kdaj oblečena "narobe". Oblečena sem bila tako, kot sem se takrat počutila in  mislim, da se človek skozi oblačila izraža in lahko to potemtakem smatramo kot umetnost. V umetnosti pa ni nič prav in narobe.



Coat: Primark
Sneakers: Primark
Sweater dress: New Yorker
Faux-leather gloves: H&M 
Bag: H&M
Perfume: Black Opium (YSL)



Monday, 1 February 2016

Event: #PomurjeBloggers

(All the photos in this post are taken by Sindiana Jones/Vse fotografije v tej objave so last Sindiane Jones)

Hello beauetés.

About a month ago I got the most exciting e-mail ever. I was invited to a bloggers-meet up by Petra from Adjusting Beauty  and Tatjana from Taya - My Little Beauty World! It was an event organised for the region Pomurje (one of the regions in Slovenia) in order to finally bring "its bloggers together", since we never had a gathering before and some of us haven't even met (even though our region is so small, that every single one of those bloggers could literally be my next door neighbour :P). Just kidding, but you get the idea why I was so excited to finally meet some of my fellow bloggers whom I only saw on "selfies" and blogs.

So the day came and I woke up really early because I was just to excited to sleep. I did my workout (so I balanced out the adrenaline somehow) and ate some breakfast and it was time to get ready (I also filmed my day as a daily vlog for my YouTube channel, if you want a sneak-peak, click here)! Sabina from Sabinina Perspektiva picked me up at 1 p.m. and we headed towards Beltinci, where the girls were waiting at the Restavracija v "Grajskem stolpu" (which was in an actual castle, so the little princesses felt right at home there that day:P). We were the first ones to arrive and we were still waiting for Neža from Rose Touch, Tjaša from Beauty Chat and Larisa from 21st century Girl. 

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw what Tatjana, Petra and Sabina prepared for us. So much yummy food! And not just yummy, the goodies were an aesthetic eye pleasure, too (just like on their blogs, perfectionism is obviously a  must in their kitchen, too:)). So we immediately got out our cameras, phones and what-nots, to document EVERYTHING. And by everything, I mean everything. Meanwhile, Larisa, Neža and Tjaša arrived and the party "just started as they walked in".

We introduced ourselves and within seconds we were chit-chatting as if we knew each other for ages. Well we do. We read each others blogs daily, weekly, like each other's selfies, so I take that as we are sort of texting and staying in touch (I wonder if other bloggers feel that way too or am I just weird. Probably the 2nd thing). 

I don't want to rant on and on and on, so I am going to describe shortly what we did that day, and than, finally, the visuals (because pics or didn't happen!).

First we had a skin-care workshop with the company named Oriflame. They analyzed our skin and told us more about our skin type and how to take care of it properly. Then we took off our make-up, put on some Oriflame skin care products and then the fun begun: #blush blush, bronzer baby, let me make this make-up crazy!  Of course we used their products and I was not even finished (I wouldn't be finished even if that day was like a year long but anyway)  when the two representatives of another company stepped into the room: the Herbio company ones. I was not familiar with their products, but they got me when they said that they are #allnatural. We also got some samples and I was blown away by the smell of their products. The pleasant vintage smell of the shower-gel instantly took me to one of those places on Tumblr I have never visited but crave to. So, thank you Herbio! Also, thanks to other sponsors, who made this event even more special (beside the ones mentioned above):

But the "hugest" thank you of them all goes to Petra and Tatjana, who probably busted their everything off, to make this event such a success. I had a blast and I hope that #PomurjeBloggers becomes a tradition.

And the other girls? Well they are just as kind, vivid, helpful and pretty as their "girls online".

And now, take a look at the promised visuals:

Hejla lepotičke,

pred približno mesecem dni sem dobila e-mail, s katerim sta me Petra iz Adjusting Beauty  in Tatjana iz Taya - My Little Beauty World povabili na srečanje pomurskih blogerk. Bila sem presrečna, saj kljub temu, da je Pomurje tako majhno, da mi je verjetno katera izmed blogerk soseda, se pomurske blogerke žal  še nismo uspele nikoli srečati :P. 

Odštevala sem dneve do dogodka in končno je prišla ta sobota. Zbudila sem se zelo zgodaj, saj od vznemirjenja nisem mogla spati. Naredila sem trening, da sem nekako »zbalansirala« adrenalin in pojedla zajtrk. Počasi sem se uredila in počakala Sabino iz Sabinine Perspektive, s katero sva bili dogovorjeni, da me pobere ob 1. Počasi sva krenili proti Beltincem, kjer sta Tatjana in Petra že čakali v Restavraciji v »Grajskem stolpu« (zelo primerna izbira lokacije, saj smo se tako še bolj počutile kot prave princeske:P). Me smo prispele prve, čakale smo še Nežo iz Rose Touch, Tjašo iz Beautychat ter  Lariso iz 21st century Girl.

Nisem mogla verjeti svojim očem, ko sem videla, kaj so Tatjana, Petra in Sabina pripravile za nas! Tolikšne estetske dovršenosti pri hrani res nisem pričakovala, ampak, če dobro premislim, ne vem, zakaj sem sploh bila začudena. Tako kot njihovi blogi, so seveda tudi njihove kuharije polne estetike in perfekcionizma. Saj pa so umetnice.  Seveda smo na plan takoj privlekle fotoaparate in telefone in bile naslednje pol ure zaposlene z ovekovečanjem teh mojstrovin. Medtem so prispele tudi Larisa, Neža in Tjaša, tako da se je lahko zabava pričela.

Predstavile smo se druga drugi in se že v nekaj sekundah zaklepetale, kot če bi se poznale že leta in leta. Če bolje pomislim, se pravzaprav poznamo. Dnevno si izmenjujemo informacije na blogih, si »lajkamo selfije« in konstantno podpiramo druga drugo ter na tak ali drugačen način ostajamo v stikih.

Kaj smo sploh počele na dogodku?

Najprej smo imele delavnico za nego kože s podjetjem Oriflame (hvala Mileni Pozderec za super nasvete). Analizirali so našo kožo s posebnim merilcem,  nam več povedali o našem tipu kože in kako jo pravilno negujemo.  Po tem smo odstranile make-up, uporabile njihove izdelke za nego, ter se na koncu z njihovimi izdelki tudi naličile. Niti končala še nisem z ličenjem (končala ne bi niti če bi delavnica potekala vse do danes), ko sta nas prišla pozdravit predstavnika podjetja Herbio. Z njihovimi izdelki nisem bila seznanjena, vendar so si me pridobili na svojo stran v trenutku, ko sem izvedela da izdelki temeljijo na naravnih sestavinah. Ker smo nekaj produktov od njih dobile tudi v test, sem povohala gel za prhanje, ki je dišal božansko. Prijeten 'vintage' vonj me je odpihnil v enega tistih krasnih krajev, ki jih dnevno gledam na Tumblr-ju, pa jih (še) nikoli nisem obiskala. Torej, hvala, Herbio

Hvala tudi drugim sponzorjem (+ tudi zgoraj omenjenim), ki omogočili, da je ta dogodek bil še bolj poseben:

Največja zahvala pa gre seveda Petri in Tatjani, ki sta s tako vnemo izpeljali neverjetno uspešen dogodek. Upam, da #PomurjeBloggers postane tradicija. *Tu še moram omeniti, da sta bila Adjusting Beauty in Sabinina Perspektiva (takrat še pod drugim imenom) prva slovenska bloga, ki sem ju začela spremljati in sta bila glavna inspiracija, da sem tudi sama začela blogati; pred tem nisem imela pojma, da je takšna vrsta bloganja že precej uveljavljena pri nas. Nikoli si ne bi mislila, da se bomo čez dve leti vse tri (in tudi ostala dekleta) dobile kot soblogerke. Občutka ne morem opisati, je pa neverjeten.

Kaj pa ostala dekleta? Ostala dekleta so ravno tako prijazna, prijetna, pisana in kreativna kot njihove »spletne punce«, ki jih vestno pišejo in na ta ali oni način pomagajo drugim in prispevajo k temu, da lahko bralke dnevno pobegnemo v kakšen »wonderland«, kjer se vse sveti in blešči in kjer se nenazadnje počutimo kot-doma.


© Sindiana Jones

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