Saturday, 9 January 2016

What I Eat In a Day (Vegan)

Hello everyone,

this is my first of many posts in 2016. So excited! The following content has been highly requested from my readers, so I created a little insight of what I eat in one day. I picked a random day, Saturday, and took pictures of everything I ate. This is an example of a day when I actually have time to cook and prepare food and it differs a bit from a busy week-day (I can do another blog post showing how I manage to keep my diet during the week if you are interested?). It is also a bit laid back day, since my dinner on Saturday differs from other days. Wanna see in what way? Let's begin!:)

BREAKFAST: Grapefruit-juice + oatmeal with blueberries and raspberries

The first thing I do after waking up, is to squeeze out some fruit like lemon, oranges or grapefruit and drink it immediately. This is a great trick to boost your metabolism. Also, breakfast is very important and do not skip it since the word itself tells you: BREAK-FAST. You have to break the nigh-fast, when your body was resting and sleeping. Now it's time for some energy. If you are used to not eating in the morning, change that habit immediately. Grab a banana. Anything. Small steps!:)

When I get hungry (probably after cca. 30 minutes after I check all my social media:P), I eat breakfast. That day it was oatmeal with raspberries and blueberries:

-soy milk
-chia seeds

I simply love to eat my breakfast in bed-it is the best restaurant in town!

SNACK: Pea protein shake

In about two hours after breakfast I hit the gym. After some sweating I come home hungry and it's time for my vegan protein shake:

-pea protein powder
-rice milk
-1 banana
-flax seeds
(*you can add a pinch of cinnamon, I can't believe I forgot it this time!)

Sooo yummy!

LUNCH: Bio soy tofu with a big bowl of salad

After 30-60 minutes after my protein shake I get really hungry and it's time to provide my body with a nutritious lunch (do not NOT eat after your gym session, your body needs food/fuel for regeneration):

For the salad:
-some leafy greens
-you can add some olives, peppers,...

-flax seed oil
-balsamic vinegar
-salad seasoning from Lidl (top of the top!)

-bio soy tofu
-tomato sauce

I put tomato sauce ON EVERYTHING

DINNER: Wholewheat pizza with vegan cheese

...And it is dinner time! Saturday's evening finest: PIZZA @PIZZERIA POMODORO! In my opinion, this is one of the best pizza places in Maribor. I always order a wholewheat vegetarian pizza with vegan cheese! This is seriously amazing, guys:

No guilt!

Once a week I completely unwind from my diet and eat what I want in one meal. Altough a pizza would usually be considered as a cheat meal, it is a normal part of a vegan diet. I can eat the whole thing and not feel sluggish and full at all. It provides me with energy and I simply do not feel guilty after having a big pizza anymore.

So this would be it for now. Leave me a comment down below if you liked it or what do you eat in a day. Also, would you like me to do another similar post about what do I eat on busy week days and on the go? I will be happy to read your comments <3




  1. Take objave mam najrajš, super :)
    Mava skoraj enake obroke, sam da je pri meni solata tud za večerjo :D Za zajtrk pa jst najraje zmiksam banane z mlekom pa šele pol dam noter kosmiče in sadje, je ful bolj kremasto hihi :)

  2. ooo hvala:) jaz sem pri pisanju te objave tudi uživala, tako da bo definitivno še par podobnih:)
    Jaz imam tudi solato za večerjo na dneve ko ne treniram, za idejo z banano pa hvala, preizkusim še danes�� :)

  3. Nisem vedela, da si veganka. Super! :)

    1. Jaa še kar novopečena moram reč:) od oktobra sem vegetarijanka, nato pa sem prešla na veganstvo:) vedno več nas je *thumbsup*

  4. Predivan post! Slike su prosto očaravajuće... ♥ Svaka čast, imaš predivan blog! :)

    Pogledaj moj blog i učlani se -------->


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