Monday, 9 November 2015

October Favourites

Hy beauties,

November just got serious and I still haven't shown you girls the things I loved in October. I am sooooooo excited to tell you all about my new favourite lipsticks!

1) Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks

01 Personne ne rouge!/07Nude-ist/05 Olé Flamingo
These lipsticks are amazing. Everytime I went to the drugstore, I stopped at these but never wanted to buy them since I thought they are just some regular lipsticks. But when DM (drugstore) hat this amazing -30% sale, I decided to buy the 07 Nude-ist one. The next day I went back and bought the other two,  01 Personne ne rouge! and the 05 Olé Flamingo. I have worn the 07 Nude-ist every single day (and  am wearing it when I am writing this:D) since I purchased it. The durability is the most amazing thing about this lipstick. I can eat, drink or whatever and I actually don't have to worry if I still have some left on. Seriously girls, I have never tried anything like this before. The second most amazing thing: even though they look like lipsticks, they have the most beautiful matt finish! I am  amazed by those lipsticks, they are the most precious thing in my make-up bag ATM. The only negative thing about them could be their smell: it is pretty "heavy" and anything but sweet. It can also dry your lips a bit so I use them with a thicker layer of lip balm.

Swatch (from left to right): 01 Personne ne rouge!/05 Olé Flamingo/07 Nude-ist

2) L'oréal Paris Infallible Mattifying Base

L'oreal Paris Infallible Mattifying Base
The perfect primer. It evens the skin and it is a mattifying base so your skin does not shine and it is not greasy. I am very pleased with this one and ever since I bought this I never "forget" to put it on before I start "painting" my face:).

3) Essence Limited Edition Merry Berry Collection

Nailpolish: 02 Purple with Purpose/Eyeshadow: 02 The Masked Ball/Highlighter: 01 i love my golden pumps
The blogging world went crazy (including myself) when Essence released the LE Merry Berry collection. I got these 3 things (since they were the only thing left over in the drugstore just a few hours after the release:D): Nailpolish: 02 Purple with Purpose/Eyeshadow: 02 The Masked Ball/Highlighter: 01 i love my golden pumps. If I had a chance, I would definitely purchase the whole collection. Not that it just looks amazing, I was really pleased with the pigmentation of products. Well done, Essence. Here is a mini swatch:

Nailpolish: 02 Purple with Purpose/Eyeshadow: 02 The Masked Ball/Highlighter: 01 i love my golden pumps

4) ZARA: Red Vanilla

This eau-de-toilette from Zara got me bewitched. I am terrible at describing odours, so I am gonna leave that one out (please smell it, next time you are in Zara:D). I wear this when I go out or something, not every day. The durability is not really good so you would probably have to re-apply it every now and then. But nonetheless, I really like it; the smell is amazing (mystical, even) and I bought it because it was a very good price for a 100ML bottle in my favourite colours.:)

Huh, we done!:)

This would be all for now, please leave some comments down below if you have read the whole thing through (and your links to your similar posts so I can read all about your October favourites!:))

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  1. Krasen izbor ! Merry berry kolekcija je res top, meni je najbolj vsec zlat prahec.

    1. Hvala <3 Ja po reviewih sodeč je vsak izdelek krasen, če drugo ne, se ga zarad embalaž splača met doma kot okrasek, hehe. Mi je malo žal da nisem vsega uspela dobit:/ :)
      xx, Sindiana

    2. škoda :/ danes sem se malo igrala z lakci in so več kot čudoviti <3 pink&perfect je ful lep


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