Sunday, 15 November 2015

My Week in Greece

Hello everyone,

the days are getting colder and I suddenly got "Greece-stalgic". Sun, sand, tan and cocktails. I get used to "livin' la vida loca" every summer sooo quickly and around October I feel like I am being dragged back into an "inhumane" temperature zone. I don't like cold and winter activities AT ALL (that's why I love going to gym, everyone is in shorts so I can get my daily dose of Summer even in the "Dark Age" of the year:D).

I also realized I did not post (a lot of) pictures from my vacation yet so I decided to do it here on the blog. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

I can see a blue horizon, underneath the blazin' sky, I'll be where the eagle is flying higher and higher...

So in September I traveled to Zakynthos, Greece. This was my first time visiting Greece and my expectations were huge (blame it on Mamma Mia).
The closest beach to our hotel
An all you can drink bar at our hotel. Could not complain :)

Navagio beach ("Shipwreck")

A dream came true: I visited Navagio beach (also called the Shipwreck Beach). It is one of the most spectacular beaches of the world. You have probably seen thousands of pictures of this  beach. It truly is amazing. The "blueness" of the water really was incredible.

Navagio beach
The legendary ship
Originally a smuggler ship (cigarettes), which lost engine power in 1981 and was washed ashore here on this gorgeous bay.

Navagio beach

Olive heaven for an olive girl
Breakfast at the hotel, then cocktails by the pool. Good life!:)
At our hotel
I spent my days going on trips, eating, swimming and exercising, and mostly catching up on trashy reading (or as I personally like to call it, researching!). I also visited the Blue Caves and the Turtle Island.

A few more pictures from the trip:

I am really not sorry I have chosen Greece this year. It was amazing. The landscape and the "blueness" are craved into my mind forever. I would definitely recommend visiting Zakynthos for all the adventurous souls out there.




  1. nice :D zelo lepo in dobro napisano pa še fotke so cool but :D i misssss slovenian language :P
    hihi :)


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