Monday, 5 October 2015

My Skin-Care Routine

Hello beauties,
today I want to talk about my skin-care routine, which mostly remains the same for several years now. From time to time, some products may vary but I always end up buying more or less the same stuff that turned out brilliant and easy-to-use. So let's dive into it!:)

First of all, I cannot stress out the importance of taking care of your skin and ESPECIALLY removing your make-up!:) Don't be lazy girls, I don't care how tiring the party was, the ultimate rule is:


1) One of the most important things in my beauty bag is the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. I am using it ever since it came on the market and for me, this is the winner. It is perfect for sensitive skin, it removes make-up perfectly and soothes  the skin. 

2) The second thing I apply is the L’Oreál Paris Skin Perfection Gesichtswasser. It is very refreshing and hydrating and it leaves such a smooth feeling on your skin, plus, it smells amazing.

3) Because my skin is very dry, specially in the winter time, I have to use heavier moisturizers. This product varies the most, since I haven't found the perfect moisturizer yet (would you recommend any for dry skin?). At the moment I am using the Nourishing Day Care from Nivea.

4) For the next product, I must admit that I am not using it regularly but I probably should, since the skin around your eyes is very thin and sensitive, and your regular moisturizer is probably too heavy for that area. I use (when I actually use it) Balea Aktivierende Augenpflege.

5) After you are done just put on some lip-balm. At the moment I use the Eos Blueberry Acai one (which I already reviewed, click here).

6) At least once a week I apply a face mask. I like to play around and test various drugstore face-masks. The last one I purchased is the WHY MASK from Kozmetika Afrodita. It promises "extreme hydration" which should be perfect since my skin is level 1000 dry at the moment. I also like to make DIY face masks (I will post some of my favourites in one of my next posts, so stay tuned).

7) The next thing on my menu is the Garnier Hautklar Aktiv cleansing gel (exfoliator) with a brush. It deeply purifies the pores and helps to remove dead skin cells. I use it only once or twice a week due to my dry skin since it can be pretty rough on the skin if used too often (tested!).

This skin care routine is a very simple one and should not be hard to maintain. I am paying a conscious attention to my skin care ever since I started using make-up (which was very soon, I was around 13 years old I think. I only used some eyeshadow and mascara at the time, but I always made sure to remove it and to hydrate my skin. It was my mother who gave me that advice and paid for my products, so, thank you mum for the best tip ever!;)).

Do you have any comments, recommendations? What products do you use? What is your must-have product when it comes to skin-care? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to read about your favourite tricks.

Stay beautiful,

xoxo, Sindiana



  1. Imam od Afrodite WHY masko za pod očmi...mi je fenomenalna, spoh po nočni izmeni pride prav. ;)

    1. Veš, da sem ugotovila, da jo mam doma že od avgusta, pa je še kar nisem sprobala?:O bom jo pa definitivno sedaj, hvala za "opomnik"!:)))

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