Tuesday, 29 September 2015

September favourites

Hello lovely!
The following post is going to be about some products or things that I have used this month and absolutely loved and will re-purchase them and recommend them to You. This may come in handy if you are thinking about buying something similar and are wise enough to read some reviews first (which I usually don't and I just go with the flow and spend my money like...we all know how this ends). So here is my pick for September:

1) Moroccan Oil
1) Unless you live under a rock, you must have heard about this hair-wonder:) First I got a sample in Elle magazine and I used it while I was on vacation in Greece. I haven't used anything else and my hair was really in a good shape (which usually never is, it always tends to be dry and damaged). So I repurchased it and since I am using it again and I see a clear difference: my ends look way better and the hair is softer. And it smells amazing. It is a bit pricey but it's definitely worth it.

Misslyn lipstick in a shade 122
2) My all time favourite colour-in a lipstick! This is the ultimate autumn colour. I was going for the Charlotte Tilbury version in a shade Glastonberry but it is not available in Slovenia:( Anyway, it is pretty amazing. Advice: definitely use it with a lip-liner (in a similar shade).

YSL purse

3) The loveliest gift from my lovely friend. It is the prettiest bag that I ever owned. It goes with everything and it is not too big (I only seem to own gigantic bags). Adorable!:)

Catrice eyeshadow base

4) I love the durabilty of this primer. In autumn I like to play around with eyeshadows so I think a good eyeshadow primer is a must!:)
Catrice wet and dry eyeliner
5) Black just went blacker. This eyeliner can be used both wet and dry (I would recommend wet, because of the durabilty). When in hurry, just pop it on, put on some mascara and red lipstick and you are good to go!:)

But first, coffee.
6) I found this sparkly to-go cup in Primark the other day. This will come in handy since I am starting my first year as an MA student on Thursday and I assume a lot of caffeine will be needed...:)

So this would be all for now because I am actually going shopping  (you will probably see some of the stuff in October favourites anyway:P). Let me know which item you like the most and what are some of your favourite products this month! I am really curious!:)

Read you soon! Love,

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